Getting Started with Online Banking

To get started, read and agree to the Online Banking Disclosure by clicking: "Enroll Today".

1. First Time Login Information

  • Enter and confirm the valid e-mail address you wish to receive important information regarding your account(s).
  • Enter your valid account number, to which you are an authorized account holder. A valid account number is a checking, savings, certificate of deposit, or loan number. (Please note that Debit Card numbers are not a valid account number.)
  • Select the appropriate account type, such as checking, savings, etc.
  • Enter your Telephone Banking PIN (if one has been established) or the last four digits of your Social Security Number. However, if you have a leading zero(es), enter the last two or three numbers. (For example, the last four numbers of your Social Security Number/Tax ID Number are 0012. Enter 12 as your temporary password.)

Business Customers – Please enter the last four of your Social Security Number not the Employer Identification Number of the business. This assists us in identifying you and your online account when calling for assistance.

2. New Access ID and Password

  • Enter a new Access ID (It must be at least six(6) characters in length)
  • Enter and confirm a new password. Your password is case sensitive, must be between 6-16 characters in length, and include at least one number, one letter, and a special character such as @#$. Avoid using *!`~^

3. Sensitive Security Data

Defined security questions are another form of identification besides your username and password. You will be presented with these security questions when logging into your Online Banking, especially if it is on a different device or computer than normal or if you are logging in at a different geographic location since last log on.

Complete the information as instructed:

  • Contact information -- Confirm the e-mail address.
  • Challenge questions -- Select challenge questions that are not easy for others to guess, and input the corresponding answer. Three questions will automatically appear, but you will have the ability to select different questions by using the drop-down arrow in the question field.

4. Mobile Banking

You will be asked if you wish to enroll in Mobile Banking, with the option to Accept, Decline, or Ask Me Later.

  • To "Accept", follow the instructions of the enrollment process, or decline & download the App through your App store.

5. eStatement Enrollment

Complete the eStatement enrollment confirmation by clicking on Accept, Decline, or Ask Me Later.

  • To "Accept" eStatements, enter and confirm your valid e-mail address.
  • Check mark the eStatement Disclosure Agreement. You may click on the hyperlink to read and print the full eStatement Disclosure.
  • Check mark the accounts you wish to enroll in eStatements.

Once you have successfully completed the enrollment process, you will be directed to the main page of your Online Banking. To access your account information in the future, log onto and enter your Access ID under the Online Banking Login: Access my Account area.