Flexibility and spending power — that’s the beauty of a D.L. Evans Bank credit card. Make purchases in stores and online here in Idaho or anywhere across the world.

We offer no annual fees and generous credit lines so you’ll always have money when you need it. With our credit card in your pocket, you’re ready for just about anything!

**Current credit card holders, please see important credit card updates detailed below.**


Please visit www.mycardstatement.com to view your credit card statement and payment options.

Important Credit Card Updates

Thank you for being a loyal D. L. Evans Bank customer. D. L. Evans Bank is dedicated to providing you with the quality products you have come to expect. We are letting you know about changes we are making to your credit card account. You will soon receive a new D.L. Evans Bank Credit Card to replace your existing card.

Prepare For Your New Card
You don’t need to take any other action at this time to get your new card. Continue using your existing card until 11/10/2018. During October we will mail your new credit card to the billing address on your account. On or after 11/11/2018 please confirm receipt of your card by following the instructions on the sticker located on the new card to activate your account.

Account Changes
If your current card expires, is damaged or reported as Lost/Stolen after October 5th, a replacement card for your existing account may be delayed. Due to the account transfer you may need to wait until after 11/10/2018 to activate and use your new card.   

Although it’s not expected, you may experience access issues if you try to log into your mycardstatement.com account during the account transfer on November 11th.

Please contact us at 1-877-642-2265 if you have any questions or experience any difficulty during this transition process. We appreciate your business and are committed to serving your financial needs.

Answers To Your Questions:

  1. What’s changing?
    Your account number, your card’s expiration date and security code (three digits on the back of the card)
  2. What’s not changing?
    Your card limit, pricing, terms, benefits and rewards will not be changed.
  3. Will mycardstatement.com be updated automatically?
    Yes, all existing credentials, alerts, and payment information will be automatically updated with your new information.
  4. Do I need to update my payment settings if I don’t use mycardstatement.com?
    Yes, payments set up through a bill pay program or similar will need to be updated with your new credit card account information.
  5. Will my rewards points transfer?
    Yes, any unredeemed rewards points will transfer over to the new account as long as it is activated.
  6.  Do I need to update merchants that have my card information on file? (I.E. monthly subscriptions)
    D.L. Evans Bank credit cardholders are automatically enrolled in the Visa Account Updater (VAU) and unless you have specifically asked to opt-out, the VAU will provide automatic account updates to VAU participating merchants that have an ongoing account relationship with you.

Gain purchasing power and convenience.