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Local hometown communities are near to our heart because our founder was born and raised in a community that valued their local hometown businesses and people. Being bright, energetic, and possessing the pioneer entrepreneurial spirit, the brothers formed a close family partnership that over the years led to the development of two Evans Cooperative Mercantile Stores (one in Malad City and the other in American Falls), several ranches and farms, and investments in thirteen pioneer Idaho and Utah banks. D.L. Evans Bank started as a small business and was capitalized with just $25,000. Both brothers were public-spirited and served in numerous local public leadership positions, including the Idaho Legislature during its early statehood years. The brother’s sense of service lives on in one of the Bank’s core values, Commitment to Community.

A History of D.L. Evans Bank


Winnefred (Gwen) Lloyd Roberts Evans is born on November 13 to John and Catherine Griffiths Lloyd.


Gwen embarks on a journey from Wales to the United States with her husband Daniel L. Roberts and their four children. Cholera outbreak on the Mississippi River claims the lives of Daniel L. Roberts and their son William.


Gwen arrives in Salt Lake Valley, Utah, and marries David Rees Evans on July 8.


Gwen and David Rees Evans birth five boys, David Lloyd, Charles Rees, Lorenzo Lloyd, Frank, and Samuel.


David Rees Evans dies on January 3, and their two youngest children, Frank and Samuel, also die on the same day three years later. 


The Evans family moves to Malad Valley, Idaho, and Gwen homesteads 160 acres of land. 


D.L. Evans bank is founded on September 15 in Albion, Idaho, by David Lloyd Evans and a group of southern Idaho businessmen. 


Winnefred (Gwen) Lloyd Roberts Evans dies in Malad at eigthy-seven years old. 


D.L. Evans bank moves to a two-story stone building in Albion.


The Great Depression closes most banks but D.L. Evans Bank survives.


The Albion branch of D.L. Evans Bank moves to it's current location in a modern building on Market and Main Street. 


Don S. Evans Sr. becomes Chairman of the Board of D.L. Evans Bank, serving until his passing in April 2016.


The Burley branch of D.L. Evans Bank opens with John V. Evans, Jr. as manager.


John V. Evans, Jr. becomes Chief Executive Officer of D.L. Evans Bank, and his father, John V. Evans, Sr., joins as President after his second term as Governer of Idaho ends. 


John V. Evans, Sr. passes away after serving as President of D.L. Evans Bank. 


Don S. Evans Sr. passes away.

Don S. Evans, Jr. succeeds his father in the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors.


D.L. Evans Bank opens it's first branch in Tremonton, Utah.


John V. (J.V.) Evans, III, is appointed Chief Executive Officer and his father John V. Evans, Jr. assumes the role of President. 


D.L. Evans Bank has over $3.2 billion in assets with 39 full-service branches, and two generations of the Evans family participate in its daily operations and serve on the board of directors.

Looking to the Future

Today, two generations of the Evans family participate in the Bank's daily operations and on the board of directors. John V. Evans, Jr., President, and  John V. Evans, III, Chief Executive Officer, lead the Bank with the rest of the Executive Management team: Jim Evans, Chief Lending Officer; Brenda Sanford, Chief Operating Officer; and Curtis Smith, Chief Financial Officer. The current Board of Directors includes Chairman Don S. Evans, Jr., John V. Evans, Jr., Larry L. Evans, Martha E. Gilgen, Susan D. Evans-Scarlett, David L. Evans, IV, Don S. Evans, III and Larry L. Evans, Jr.

D.L. Evans Bank has expanded tremendously throughout the years, alongside the communities it serves. The Bank has grown to more than $3 billion in assets with 39 full-service branches. Yet, we maintain the hometown community bank spirit as we grow and understand that without our communities, we wouldn’t be successful.

D. L. Evans lived by the principles of integrity, charity, friendliness, compassion, and hard work. D.L. Evans Bank directors and officers emulate these principles and encourage employees to do the same. While times have changed, the Bank has never lost sight of the founder's vision — That banking is about one thing: helping people. This is the strength of a family-owned community bank — meaningful, long-term relationships.

Since 1904, D.L. Evans Bank has taken pride in helping families grow and prosper. Headquartered in Burley, with branch offices in Albion, Ammon, Bellevue, Blackfoot, Boise, Brigham City, Burley, Caldwell, Eagle, Fruitland, Hailey, Idaho Falls, Jerome, Ketchum, Kimberly, Layton, Logan, Meridian, Murray, Nampa, Orem, Paul, Pocatello, Rexburg, Rigby, Rupert, South Ogden, Tremonton, and Twin Falls, we have become the community bank of choice.