Video Banking

Personal Savings Options

Community Savings

Truly the simplest way to save.

Money Market Accounts

Save more with higher rates of return.

Certificates of Deposit

The guaranteed return on your investment.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Saving for retirement should be easy.

Health Savings Account

Don’t just invest your money; invest in yourself and your family.

Student Savings

It’s never too early to start saving.

Custodial (UTMA)

A custodial account that offers competitive rates.


FDIC protection for larger accounts.

Comparison Snapshot:

Account Minimum Opening Deposit Minimum Balance Requirement Monthly Service Charge (or fees) Free Online Banking and Mobile Banking Interest Earned Access to MoneyPass Network
Community Savings $100 $100 $3 if minimum balance not met {yes} {yes} {yes}
Money Market $100 $2,500 $10 if minimum balance  not met {yes} {yes} {yes}
Executive Money Market $100 $25,000 $15 if minimum balance not met {yes} {yes} {yes}
Health Savings Accounts $100 $200 $7 if minimum balance not met {yes} {yes} {yes}
Student Savings $10 None None {yes} {yes} {yes}
Custodial (UTMA) Account $10 None None {yes} {yes} {yes}